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Be more profitable with your Business

Owlster is the new and easy way to Report and Manage your Revenues and Expenses and to see whats going on with your Finances over time. Sign up and start getting more profitable.

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Why Owlster will help you

What you can expect
  • Be more profitable.
  • Model your Revenues & Expenses.
  • Manage Recurring Revenues/Expenses like contracts, wages, rentals etc. over time.
  • Automate Creation of Recurring Revenues & Expenses.
  • Get detailed Reporting of your Finances.
  • Forecast Revenues & Expenses
  • Scheduled Email-Reporting.
  • Automated Profit-based alerts.
  • Categories for grouped Statistics and Reporting.
  • Automated Data-Import.
  • RESTful API & Webhooks for Devs.

Dear Business-Owners,

Owlster is an online tool for small businesses offering an easy way to report and manage your finances. Model your revenues and expenses in minutes whether or not recurring, and sort them by individual categories (e.g. wages/salary.) Owlster will create a clear detailed report and helps you to keep track of all your finances. It will even forecast revenues and expenses based on past reports, and also remind you of missing recurring invoices. With Owlster keeping track of your finances won´t be a pain anymore and you can focus on running your business and become more profitable.

Jakob & Flo

» We believe that Owlster can help you to run your business more efficiently like it helped us. We think that
optimizing your Revenues & Expenses is the game changer for your success. «
Jakob Beyer (Founder) & Florian Kappert (Founder)

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